How to outsmart obesity, heart disease and cancer events at work.

Join our community of over 100,000 people using two clinically validated health technologies and a future focused learning platform. Get real time feedback to lower clinical risk from the # 1 cause of sickness, disease and death using THE HEALTH LAB.

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Why I built the Health Lab.

Here are some of the evidence based
health outcomes when people use the LAB.

The evidence for these statements are derived from our clinically validated health software. The medical research supporting the outcomes has been peer revived and published in medical journals worldwide. The team is led by Professor Ulrik Wisloff, Head of the Cardiac Exercise Research Group (55 employees) at the Dept. of Circulation and Medical Imaging, Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He is also a Honorary Professor at University of Queensland Australia. The medical studies to achieve these outcomes are based on the world's largest heart study of over 45,000 people, and have been further validated on 730,000 people worldwide.  The statement about cancer comes from the work of Professor Kathryn Schmitz. She is an American exercise oncologist. She is the Associate Director of Population Sciences at Penn State University College of Medicine and a Full Professor at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

"Why doesn't someone create a platform to get my employees to fall in love with wanting to be physically healthy first? Then funnel them into an evidence based health platform that keeps them hooked on building positive molecular and physiological health adaptations."
(I decided to build a platform that does exactly this)

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Meet your host

"The most relevant index for measuring if you are physically active enough is your PAI score, from a health perspective that's all that really matters. Managing your PAI score helps you reduce your risk of lifestyle related diseases. Simply, it helps you live longer."

Professor of Exercise Physiology Ulrik Wisløff.Norwegian University of Technology & Science
Head of Cardiac Exercise Research Group (Validated from the world's biggest heart study)

From the desk of Shane Stubbs
Sydney, Australia

I have delivered over 35,000 lessons in Health and Physical Education since 1985 in Australian schools. Over the past decade I have interviewed, worked with and consulted with more than 100 PhD's in disciplines that include; Medicine, Cardiology, Exercise Physiology, Public Health, Pediatrics, Oncology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Molecular Biology and many more. I also host a podcast called "The New Science of Physical Health' that is listened to in 82 countries and over 1000 cities.

My father died aged 46 from a heart attack in 1989 at 3pm. It was the leading cause of sickness, disease and death back then and is today. years later my mother would pass away 7 days after being diagnosed with a cancer event - the second leading cause of sickness, disease and death.

This is how to use the Health Lab...

1. Access our exclusive (validated) heart technology in section one to lower your real time risk of sickness, disease and premature death.

2. Access our exclusive (validated) metabolic analyzer in section two that gets your body to burn fat and coach you on food choices.

3. Access our exclusive (evidence based) Future Focused Learning portal to drive two critical elements, deep engagement and deep knowledge.

Every individual gets their own personal Health Lab

ONBOARDING the health lab

5 Staff use the Health Lab

Prior to our launch of the Health Lab, we spend 4 weeks working with five of your specially selected staff members from your cohort. They get the Health Lab and we focus on getting them results they and us can be proud of. Their success becomes a key part of our launch in week six into your workplace.
Our team takes the successes (and struggles) your staff are having with the Health Lab - to create a social media campaign to get ready for registration day. We have personalized video clips, interviews, previews of the Health Lab, and celebrity guest intro - that build a real world excitement before launch day.

Live event celebrity guest.
On-boarding with a star. Registration day

A live (or virtual live event) with a celebrity guest will appear in a quick-start workshop called: 'THE WORLD'S BEST HEALTH LAB IN YOUR HANDS.' How to get your body to burn fat, and see in real time how to lower your risk from the # 1 cause of sickness, disease and death" Your cohort will experience our LIVE ONLINE workshops every 2 weeks after this launch event in a private group. (Celebrity guests each two weeks up to week 26)

Receiving your Health Lab

The first of our two key health technologies is the Health Impact Software. By the end of week 7 our team ensures everyone is accessing the software to show you real time risk of disease, and the exact steps each person needs to take to lower their risk.

Health Impact Software

The first of our two key health technologies is the Health Impact Software. By the end of week 3 our team ensures everyone is accessing the software to show you real time risk of disease, and the exact steps each person needs to take to lower their risk.

Metabolic Analyzer sent

The second clinically validated health technology is our Lumen Metabolic Analyzer. The first ever handheld device to show you in real time if you are burning fat or carbohydrates. You get to see when weight loss is happening. (Optional component of the Health Lab)

WEEK 10 - WEEK 36
On demand classes + Live Online Workshops + Personal Q & A Coaching.

In week 5 our team ensures that all registered users have begun to access the future focused learning portal classes. There are six modules to work through. Each module can be done at your own pace. We spread them out over 6 x 30 day periods. Throughout this period their your cohort will experience our LIVE ONLINE workshops every 2 weeks after this launch event in a private group.

A global Strong Community

  • The New Science of Physical Health Podcast - it is listened to in 85 countries and over 1000 cities.
  • ​The Health Impact Software ​- Invented by Professor of Exercise Physiology, Ulrik Wisloff from Norway. This clinically validated health technology has been downloaded 16 million times - that's an incredible community!!!
  • Our clinically validated Metabolic analyzer tells you in real time if your body is burning fat of carbohydrates. The social media support group has 30,000 members.
  • On Demand Physical Activity Group Classes - The in person classes exist in over 20,000 fitness clubs worldwide, with 140,000 professional instructors. There are over 6 million people per week who use the over 1,500 classes in person and on demand in your home.There are over 250,000 people inside the social media group. Now that is one massive community!!!

What do the experts have to say?

Professor Ulrik Wisloff
Exercise Physiologist
"Your individual heart rate pattern is the true reflection of health adaptations that lower your risk of sickness and disease"
This quote was told to me by Professor Wisloff in a private interview I had with him in late 2020.
Professor Kathryn Schmitz
Exercise Oncologist
"Once diagnosed with cancer, reduce your risk of dying by up to 69%"

This quote was told to me by Professors Schmitz in a private interview with me in mid 2021. 
Doctor Kenneth Cooper
Medical PhD
"Without the core medical principle inside this platform, you cannot be physically healthy"

This quote was told to me by Doctor Cooper in a private conversation we had on March 18th, 2018 in Nashville.

My mission for your employees

"To move people from the stage of consuming information, learning one thing after another - to ACTUALLY TAKING ACTION and building brand new physical health outcomes."

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